Artcos’s Taking the Hospitality Sector by Storm

Since 1982, Artco has been servicing the United States and Canada with custom hospitality furniture and millwork solutions. Created with the commitment to provide high quality products to North American hospitality brands, the company’s gained the attention of key brands in the industry and beyond. Some of those established partners include Fairmont, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriot, Ritz Carlton, and Loews. Artco is just one division of an entire group of companies under the Chervin family name that provide effective interior products and processes including Chervin Kitchen & Bath, Vogel, and Chervin Furniture & Design. Artco’s mission is to promote sustainability, focus on customization, and exceed the expectations of their partners.

Artco was purchased by Chervin Kitchen & Bath in 2010 and occupies a 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in St. Clements, ON. It’s at this production location that the team produces all of their custom millwork and case goods, while Artco’s 20,000 sq. ft. Toronto location creates bench-made upholstered furniture. The company’s team crafts premium goods made from wood, glass, and stone and transforms these materials into beds, lounge chairs, concierge desks, vanities, and consoles. Placing them ahead of the curve, Artco develops 3D drawings that are engineered in-house to design and customize the product prior to showing the partner. Using a five-axis CNC machine and Biesse machinery, the team can produce virtually any piece of custom furniture or millwork for their client.

Hospitality Goods Made Sustainably

Sustainability and reducing one’s carbon footprint has become an important business move for virtually every industry, including hospitality. Many commercial buyers will determine whether to work with a company largely based on how eco-friendly they are. 1 Hotel Toronto prioritizes sustainability and earthy elements in their design, which is a pivotal reason they chose to partner with Artco. All material used in the hotel’s design was eco-conscious, from the natural wood elements in the rooms to the millwork and tables in the lobby and on the rooftop. The property design pays tribute to the city of Toronto’s local beauty through its raw and environmentally friendly materials sourced from Ontario.

1 Hotel Toronto sets a new standard for responsible luxury hospitality and serves as a city escape where guests can connect with nature,” said 1 Hotels founder and CEO & chairman of Starwood Capital Group, Barry Sternlicht. “1 Hotels embraces the idea that living well includes protecting the natural beauty around us and we look forward to introducing our mission to the like-minded city of Toronto.”

Artco was responsible for a majority of the project scope from the guestrooms which they provided case goods, decorative millwork, barn doors, and upholstered beds, to the lobby and restaurants and restrooms which they created decorative millwork for. Sustainability and being Canadian are two vital pillars of Artco and all manufacturing is completed in South-Western Ontario and shipped across North America.


Ellie King is the Editor of Wood Industry / Le monde du bois magazine and weekly E-digest. She has years of experience in B2B writing and editing and is empowered by the opportunity to share the marvels, pitfalls and weekly news of Canada’s secondary wood industry with our readers.

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