An Exceptional Showcase For Quebecois Manufacturers

Marie-Ève Labranche

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) welcomes the creation of the Quebec Products certification, unveiled by the Quebec government. This certification is an exceptional showcase for manufacturing companies, which will now be able to clearly identify the products they design here.

With this certification, which includes three categories: Designed in Quebec, Made in Quebec, and Conceived in Quebec, Quebecers will have a simple and effective way to recognize Quebec products and encourage Quebec purchases.

“Manufacturers are proud to show what they do here, and the Quebec Products certification was expected. For the manufacturing industry, this is a significant step forward in promoting local products by Quebec consumers, who are increasingly interested in buying local products,” says Véronique Proulx, President and CEO of MEQ.

Quebec must also buy from Quebec

For local businesses to be genuinely favoured, it will also be necessary to ensure that ministries and public agencies encourage them in calls for tenders and the awarding of contracts to the Quebec government, all following the rules associated with international trade and free trade agreements.

Last March, MEQ presented a brief on Bill 12, which aims to promote responsible purchasing in Quebec by public bodies, strengthen the integrity regime for businesses, and increase the powers of the Autorité des marchés publics. This brief included six recommendations to improve the bill to promote the purchase of quality products and services from Quebec and products made in Quebec during calls for tenders by the various departments and agencies.

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