ALTENDORF Hand Guard Panel Saw

The new Altendorf Hand Guard panel saw was developed to detect hazardous situations at an early stage and eliminate them.

The hand guard is safe and very versatile. Its wide range of configuration options make it a true all-rounder. The safety system works with gloves, can be used with all conventional saw blades (Ø 250 to 55 mm) and can process all materials, such as non-ferrous metals, damp wood or plastics.


The Hand Guard panel saw is based on early detection technology. Two cameras determine the exact position of the hand in relation to the saw blade.

During that process, differently-defined situations are optically recognized and classified. The cameras constantly collect data that is processed by a reliable hand detection programme.

If the system detects a hazardous situation, the danger is eliminated in a quarter of a second. After triggering the system, the machine is immediately ready for use again with no damage to the machine, saw blade, or material – maintaining productivity.

Main features:

  • Controlled plunging movement protects the machine, saw blade, and workpiece;
  • Quick lowering and quick stop in a quarter of a second;
  • 10-second recovery time;
  • Two cameras analyze data for hand detection.


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