All-in-one defect saw and end matcher

The Powermax end matcher from Akhurst cuts out defects, cuts to length and/or optimizes and end-matches wooden boards for several purposes, varying from softwood wall and ceiling paneling to hardwood floorboards.

Four pneumatic cylinders with valves are said to provide the best possible control and efficiency. A luminescence-sensor camera for defect crayon mark identification reads defects on the top face of the input boards.

A photoelectric sensor detects the ends and an inductive sensor detects the position of the carriage. Detecting positions of the carriage and sawblades is accomplished with servo feedback. Inductive sensors detect the position of the carriage and others detect the positions of the saw blades.

Included is a powered belt conveyor with drive motor for waste cutoff pieces and Lenze PLC control. The standard machine is produced to CE Safety and Electrical Standards to UL/CSA standards, and can output up to 24 planks per minute.

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