All About Veneers: Québec’s Placages Beaulac

Placages Beaulac is a Québec’s family-owned business specializing in wood veneer slicing. Serving the North American & European markets for several decades, the company slices North American wood species on lengthwise slicers instead of rotary peelers. All occurring at their Daveluyville, Québec 60,000 sq.ft facility, the Placages Beaulac team slices thick or thin veneers from species such as white Oak, red Oak, Walnut, Pine, Douglas fir, and Hemlock from out west.

Coraline Patrigeon, business development assistant at Placages Beaulac explains their focus on slicing thick veneers for the door and flooring industries.

The company uses 2 brands: Fezer and Marunaka veneer slicers. Slicing instead of sawing veneers reduces the raw material waste. Placages Beaulac has a recuperation of 85%, when sawing dry lumber will get a recuperation of only 65% according to Mrs Patrigeon, and results in better recuperation of the raw material, increasing sustainability. The business can slice thickness from 1/42 inches to 1/8 inches – and can splice from 1/20 up to 1/8’’.

The history of Placages Beaulac is extensive as well. Patrigeon explains “Mr. Pierre Beaulac founded the company with his partner under another name originally 30 years ago this year. It was eventually renamed and Mr. Beaulac’s son, Gabriel, bought back the company from his father. This kept our business family-oriented and we even have some employees that have been working here for 30 years.”

Advancing the Veneer Industry Forward

Wood veneers have always been their most focused product, over wall paneling and flooring. “For our thick veneers, we have less ost material and we try to reuse everything. Those “leftovers” from our production line allow us to create different pieces of furniture from benches to tables, countertops, and desks. This allows us to be more “green” in our production, with the reduced number of leftovers and re-using as much material as possible. Gabriel is very focused on recycling as much as possible. It can be difficult to do, but it’s important. Plus, splicing thick veneers is not something that many manufacturers do,” explains Patrigeon. Although the door industry is their priority market, Placages Beaulac also sells to panel manufacturers, the flooring industry, engineered wood manufacturers, windows and cabinet makers, and millwork companies in the architecture and design sector.

Placages Beaulac is looking to automate their slicers this year to move their business forward. Automated veneer slicers can provide a more efficient and effective production to ensure better quality and recovery. Different types of veneer slicers (Rotary cut, half round) allow for different cuts of wood veneers – lengthwise slicing as they do at Placages Beaulac can be a more flexible way to slice and gives a higher yield. The company’s decision to purchase new technology and equipment is part of their commitment to rapid expansion, revolutionizing the business to progress forward to support their clients, employees, and the environment.

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