Alberta Boosts Local Wood Products Industry with $2.25 Million Investment

Edmonton, AB – Alberta’s government has launched a significant initiative to enhance the local wood products industry through the Alberta Value-Added Wood Products Program. This ambitious program, in collaboration with Alberta Forestry and Parks, Alberta Wood WORKS!, and the Alberta Forest Products Association, will provide $2.25 million over five years aimed at funding research, innovation, and market entry for new products. This initiative underscores the government’s commitment to fostering small business growth and optimizing the use of Alberta’s forest resources.

The program targets the support of sector-wide initiatives focusing on research, training, and education. These efforts are expected to bolster the entire value-added wood products industry, empowering small business operators to excel and stimulate the provincial economy.

“The Alberta Value-Added Wood Products Program represents a significant investment in our province’s small business operators and forest industry, ensuring responsible and efficient use of our province’s forest resource,” stated Todd Loewen, Minister of Forestry and Parks. “I am excited to see the Alberta-grown innovation that will emerge from this initiative.”

With more than 500 value-added companies operating in Alberta, predominantly medium and small-sized enterprises, this sector is a pivotal part of the local economy.

Rory Koska, executive director of Alberta Wood WORKS!, highlighted the program’s importance, stating, “This recent investment by the Government of Alberta will provide invaluable support to these businesses, enabling them to thrive and innovate in an increasingly competitive market landscape.”

Notable among the funded projects are initiatives by the Canadian Wood Council and Executive Millwork. The Canadian Wood Council has been awarded $15,000 to support conference exhibitor space for value-added manufacturers, facilitating greater visibility and network expansion. Meanwhile, Executive Millwork will receive $226,350 to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning software. This system is expected to enhance information workflow efficiency across all company areas, supporting geographic expansion and revenue growth.

As Alberta’s government remains dedicated to supporting communities, small businesses, and the forest industry, the Alberta Value-Added Wood Products Program is set to play a crucial role in achieving these objectives.


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