Alberta Allocates $2.1 Billion for School Construction and Modernization

March 4, 2024 – In an ambitious response to Alberta’s burgeoning student population, the provincial government has earmarked $2.1 billion over the next three years for the construction and modernization of schools across Alberta. This financial commitment, detailed in Budget 2024, underscores a strategic move to address the educational needs of a rapidly growing province.

Premier Danielle Smith highlighted the initiative as a testament to Alberta’s commitment to investing in education, ensuring students have access to state-of-the-art learning environments. The budget will advance 43 priority school projects, including the construction of 28 new schools, the replacement of 10 existing ones, and five modernizations, collectively creating about 35,000 new and modernized spaces for students.

Amidst Alberta’s population growth, the need for additional educational facilities has become increasingly apparent. The province’s government plans to deploy $103 million of the allocated funds over three years for modular classrooms, aiming to alleviate overcrowding in existing schools. Additionally, $123 million over the same period will support collegiate schools and public charter schools, promoting career education and diverse schooling options for students and families.

Education Minister Demetrios Nicolaides emphasized the Alberta Advantage, noting the influx of people moving to the province and the corresponding need for educational infrastructure. With 17 new schools and one modernization project slated for the Calgary Metropolitan Area, the initiative promises to create space for 16,000 more students, with six projects breaking ground this year.

Nate Horner, Minister of Treasury Board and Finance, and Pete Guthrie, Minister of Infrastructure, both echoed the sentiment that these investments would ensure students in K-12 continue to thrive and that the infrastructure will serve future generations for up to 75 years.

The budget’s focus extends to both Calgary and Edmonton and their surrounding communities, recognizing their significant student growth. A total of 32 school projects have been prioritized in these regions, aiming to create more than 28,500 additional spaces for students.

Local educational leaders have welcomed the announcement, expressing gratitude for the government’s support in addressing critical infrastructure needs. Laura Hack of the Calgary Board of Education and Shannon Cook of the Calgary Catholic School District highlighted the importance of the investment in providing quality education near students’ homes.

This funding announcement marks a pivotal step in Alberta’s educational strategy, aiming to not only accommodate the current surge in student numbers but to also lay a strong foundation for future generations. With the government’s forward-thinking approach, Alberta is set to enhance its educational landscape significantly, fostering an environment where students can excel and achieve their full potential.


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