Akhurst Machinery Group Announces Strategic Partnership with Stromab


Ryan Akhurst

Akhurst Machinery Group, a prominent player in the machinery industry, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Stromab SPA, an Italian manufacturer of innovative crosscutting solutions. This collaboration signifies a major commitment by both companies to bring cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions to the North American market. Akhurst Machinery Group, the parent company behind the well-known brands of Cantek and Leadermac USA, will leverage Stromab SPA’s expertise in crosscutting solutions to enhance its offerings in North America.

Ryan Akhurst, Vice President at Akhurst Machinery Group, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the alignment of Stromab’s excellence with their mission. The collaboration aims to set new industry standards by delivering state-of-the-art solutions to North American customers while providing the service and

support users expect and require.

Stromab SPA’s cutting-edge technology, known for efficiency and precision, will bolster Akhurst Machinery Group’s position as a one-stop solution provider for woodworking and machinery needs. This collaboration extends beyond innovation, contributing to the growth and success of businesses in North America.

The Stromab Fast 500 now available through Akhurst

As the exclusive distributor of Stromab SPA’s crosscutting solutions in North America, Akhurst Machinery Group solidifies its commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. For further information or inquiries about the latest crosscutting solutions, please contact Jayden Campbell at jaydenc@akhurst.com.

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