AGS – Automatic Gluing System

Doucet’s AGS Automatic Gluing System is a modular system for loading staves to the glue applicator and forming panels that you can add to your existing Clamp Carrier or integrate it to a new SRX Clamp Carrier with RT100.

GS100 model system includes;

  • Stave Lateral Chain Feeder

Staves are fed manually on the chains. Lateral chain feeder singulates each piece through the glue application device. Boards are automatically driven in sequence by combining two powered wheels located under the material and two top pressurized wheels.

  • Stave Glue Application

Staves are edge-glued on one side through an extruder or just passing through if no glue is required based on settings parameters. The extruder is connected to a 12 gals pressurized stainless glue reservoir or another tank supplied by the customer. UV sensor follows extruder to detect UV additive in the glue and advises with a warning to the operator if no glue is detected if the option has been selected.

  • Load Accumulation Roller Conveyor

An accumulation conveyor for fresh panels can be loaded in the clamp carrier. Roller conveyors are made in three sections to allow the fork loader to lift the panel. Employees push the staves on four accumulation supports to prepare the load.

AGS200 model system included the same as AGS100 except for the Load Accumulation Roller Conveyor replaced by Panel Forming Zone made of 6 chains rail deck where pieces coming out from the glue extruder are even-ended side-shifted to build the full panel load.

When the panel load is complete, the operator uses a panel-loading device to manually move the clamp carrier load.

  • Width measurement devices: The width detection sensors can add parameters on the interface to build load with dry joints for every individual panel.
  • Glue Detection: To activate the “no glue” detection capability, the customer must be using a UV additive mixed with the glue. Customers should validate with their glue manufacturer about such additives.
  • Vacuum Handling Arm: To carry staves loads from the AGS Automatic Gluing System to the SRX Clamp Carrier. It can be installed on a manual lifting device with an electric hoist or similar devices.
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