Adjustable lid stay system for cabinet doors

The Aileron Lid Stay collection from Sugatsune combines a variety of features into one cabinet door system.

Lift assistance is provided when opening the lid, an adjustable lid stay that frees up hands as the users search for items in the chest, quiet soft-close action and 3-way adjustable concealed hinges. With the lid up and out of the way, users enjoy an unobstructed view and easy access to the contents of the chest.

The lid stay attaches to the hinge arm for a clean look, and the soft-close damper is adjustable with a simple 5-way selector switch.

If you have a chest, trunk or lidded bench, this system will also help keep fingers out of harm’s way, the company says.

The system includes concealed hinges, lid stay arm, mounting plates and screws; closing speed of lid is adjustable.

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