ACMOS 100-5030: The Ultimate Edge Bander Release Agent

Introducing ACMOS 100-5030, the all-in-one solution for your edge bander spraying systems. Our revolutionary water-based formula replaces multiple agents and eliminates the need for alcohol or silicone. Say goodbye to residue and cleaning headaches – our product ensures a seamless release without the need for additional cleaning.

Our formula is non-flammable and non-hazardous, making it classified as non-hazardous for shipping. This not only ensures safety but also makes shipping more cost-effective without hazmat fees. Plus, it’s easy to transport, handle, and store.

ACMOS 100-5030 creates a thin, nearly invisible separating film that prevents hot-melt adhesive residues from adhering to surfaces of materials and equipment. It’s silicone-free and can even be diluted with water for further versatility.

Designed for use on automatic feeders with edge-banding machines and spraying units, ACMOS 100-5030 offers protection to pressure rollers, conveyor belts, and both wood and plastic surfaces. You can pour it into appropriate storage tanks on the machine or apply it using a brush or cloth.

Our product is featured in various manufacturer OEM manuals and warranties, guaranteeing its effectiveness. Simplify your inventory and replace multiple products with the efficiency of ACMOS 100-5030.


Key Features of ACMOS 100-5030:

Prevents adhesion of hot-melt adhesive residues on material and equipment surfaces

Water-based formulation; non-hazardous and non-flammable

Silicone-free, can be diluted with water

Guards pressure rollers, conveyor belts, and plastic surfaces against hot-melt adhesives

Quick Summary:

  • Safe for Non-Hazardous Shipping
  • Non-Flammable and Silicone-Free
  • Water-Based Formula
  • Secure for Transport, Handling, and Storage
  • Reduces Inventory Complexity by Replacing Multiple Products
  • Endorsed in Several Manufacturer OEM Manuals and Warranties


Application: Automatic or Manual

Non-Hazardous for DOT Shipping

Available Container Sizes: 1 (12 Pack Case) | 20 | 190 liters/kgs


The Importance of Release Agents:

Release agents are essential to prevent adhesives and glues from adhering to edgebanding machining tools and workpiece surfaces. Available in liquid form, they are suitable for both automatic and manual edge processing.

These agents are sprayed on the top and bottom edge areas of the workpiece, preventing adhesive residue from sticking. Release agents work effectively with various glues and adhesives, ensuring excellent results on high-quality woods, veneers, and plastic-coated surfaces.



Reduces production downtime caused by cleaning: Without a release agent, glue residue can hinder production by sticking to materials and equipment, leading to time-consuming cleanup. The use of a release agent forms a barely visible lubricant film that prevents residue adhesion, thus saving time.

Maintains production equipment: Release agents prevent undesired glue buildup on machining tools, ensuring longevity and minimizing maintenance costs.

Enhances high-quality finishes: Glue squeeze-out during edgebanding can mar the finished product’s quality. Release agents prevent adhesive residue from sticking, protecting the edge and foil from marks and friction, ultimately delivering impeccable surfaces.

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