A CNC masterpiece

CNC Cutting Inc is a digital design and fabrication shop in Toronto. The team specializes in bringing to life complex and innovative millwork designs for residential and commercial spaces. They offer high-quality CNC cutting services, design, documentation, project management, interior design and millwork packages, prototyping, jigs and templating, assembly, finishing, and installation. The company specializes in everything from furniture and interior fit-outs to film props and architectural models. Their latest project includes many of their specialties.

CNC Cutting Inc. brilliantly executed the build of a stunning decorative ceiling of a central office building in the heart of downtown Toronto’s financial district. The ceiling will be the centrepiece of the Legacy Room, a new inspiring meeting place in the Ivey Donald K. Johnson Centre on the ground floor of the Exchange Tower. It offers a state-of-the-art facility offering a unique conference and event venue that can hold up to 48 people. CNC Cutting completed the project with Brook McIlroy, who developed the concept and design of the space.

Brook McIlroy works in the medium of the built and natural environments driven by a belief that we have been given an incredible gift in Canada and an opportunity to get it right. Their goal is to create environments where people can prosper and thrive while protecting the land, water, air, and the other species that make life possible. This work is driven by a uniquely Canadian design ethos derived from research into place, diverse cultures, Indigenous world views, sustainability, natural materials, and the application of new technologies. The Legacy Room clearly reflects these goals.

This project is reminiscent of Brook McIlroy’s previous University of TorontoWaakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health project – a quintessential example of modernist architecture. The wave-like piece extends all the way up the wall and across the ceiling.

Integral in the project was Lamello P-system’s Clamex Connectors. The Clamex P-system is a detachable connector based on the P-System anchorage and is connected via a lever. These include quick, tool-free installation, lateral tolerance, is twist-free, and is stackable. Thanks to the flexible positioning pins, no rigid elements of the connector protrude. This feature allows the subsequent installation of workpieces into existing elements and therefore simplifies the assembly sequence considerably.

The positioning pins also serve as a fixing element for the workpieces. The double-sided bevel of the positioning pins allows the workpiece to be detached again. The positioning pins are easily inserted into the female half-shell, enabling elements with 90° miters to be installed with no problem.

There are three 11 metre custom profile beams to support a curved fin ceiling. Each of the 94 fins hits the beam at a unique angle, so they used the CNC to shape the sides and created a reference edge for the Lamello to create the joinery. The piece is constructed of over 300 veneered curved ribs and three circular faceted oak glue-ups from 0.75″ thick rings for the light fixtures. CNC Cutting embedded precisely positioned wooden dowels at the joints for strength.

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