A Boost for Local Economy: Alantra Leasing Sets Foot in Johnstown

Alantra Leasing, a leading manufacturer in the prefabricated and modular building sector, has recently acquired a significant plot of land in Johnstown Industrial Park, signaling a new phase of economic development for Edwardsburgh Cardinal Township. This move by Alantra Leasing marks a key milestone, as it fills the available space under a provincial certification program aimed at boosting local industries.


Alantra Leasing’s Expansion:

Alantra Leasing’s acquisition of 6.3 acres in the industrial park is not just a business expansion but a testament to the park’s suitability for manufacturers. The company plans to construct a 16,500 square-foot facility, which is expandable, indicating long-term investment and potential for further growth. This expansion is a significant leap from Alantra’s roots in Sussex, NB, since 1981, to its widespread presence in Eastern Canada.


Economic Impact:

The arrival of Alantra Leasing is poised to generate new job opportunities, starting with an initial employment of six staff members, with prospects of increasing the workforce based on business volume and expansion. This development is a boon for local employment and the economy, potentially addressing some regional challenges like housing shortages. The township officials have high hopes that this expansion will catalyze more residential construction and economic activities in the region.


Future Prospects:

With the industrial park now fully utilized, Mayor Tory Deschamps acknowledges the success of the Investment Ready program but also highlights the need for more land to continue attracting manufacturers. The township is actively seeking to acquire and prepare additional land for industrial development, eyeing sustained growth and competitiveness in the region.

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