A $10+ Million Industry 4.0 Investment

Montreal-based manufacturer Artitalia Group has launched a $10+ million Industry 4.0 reinvestment program that will extend over the next few years to achieve its operational goals. Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the way companies make their products. The company believes that integrating emerging technologies, robotic systems, and artificial intelligence can significantly transform how our products and services are brought to market.

For nearly 40 years, Artitalia has specialized in designing and manufacturing bespoke products for some of the world’s leading brands in retail, hospitality, mail and parcels, and materials handling. Over the past two years, with the challenges of supply chain disruption, the business has made a conscious effort to meet the growing demands of customers by helping to develop new and innovative products facilitated by adopting digital and scalable technologies.

“These smart and sophisticated technologies find their place in production operations to increase quality and capacity and, most importantly, reduce production time and costs,” said Enzo Vardaro, SVP, Commercial Director. “Since our company was founded, our goal has always been to serve our customer partners continuously. By implementing these technologies, we believe we have the right approach to address many of the current challenges posed by the global pandemic.”

The company has always provided solutions that surpass the industry standard for innovation. Over the past 20 months, and with the dramatic changes caused by the global pandemic, Industry 4.0 has accelerated rapidly, forcing manufacturers like Artitalia to counterbalance inadequate labour supply and technological shortages.

“Operational agility has become essential these days,” said Vardaro. “Manufacturers must learn to do more with less while doing it more efficiently and responsively.”

As there is no shortage of operational data and as a leader in the manufacturing industry, the company positioned itself to select the appropriate technology to integrate into its infrastructure. Through a rigorous vetting process, Artitalia is staffed by teams of experienced IT and operations specialists who are instrumental in overseeing and ensuring that the company fully embraces the potential for transformation at all levels of its organization.

“Digital transformation, especially for a company of our size and the volume we manufacture, is not a simple process,” said Vardaro. “It is imperative to strike the right balance between improving our current automated technology and successfully aligning our planning and investments to benefit from the transformative capabilities of this digital revolution.”

Artitalia recognizes the value of Industry 4.0 and believes that reliability in integrating specific technologies is essential. Digital investments and tools are paving the way to help organizations like this manufacturer make more informed operational decisions while adapting to market volatility.

“Artificial intelligence, megadata, and digital transformation give us access to data that will help us develop sound business strategies and decisions to help our business grow,” said Vardaro.

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