888 NovaBlack Eclipse from Uniboard

Introducing the 888 NovaBlack, the latest addition to Uniboard’s Eclipse™ Collection, a game-changer in the world of interior design. This innovative product revolutionizes the use of black in decor, addressing concerns over fingerprints and stains with its true anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant properties. Perfect for busy lifestyles, NovaBlack retains its elegant appearance with minimal upkeep. The Eclipse™ finish imparts a matte black look, setting a new industry standard, while the revolutionary Thermal-Lacquered technology ensures exceptional durability and resistance to delamination. Crafted in North America, NovaBlack exemplifies Uniboard’s dedication to precision and quality, utilizing post-industrial and pre-consumer wood residues for an eco-friendly approach. This panel stores more CO2 than emitted during production, aiding in greenhouse gas reduction. Versatile in design, it allows for a range of creative applications, from futuristic living rooms to chic bedrooms, and is a proud part of the diverse Eclipse™ collection. The 888 NovaBlack is not just a design choice, but a commitment to sustainability, quality, and contemporary interior aesthetics.

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