6 Popular Backsplash Trends

Rémy Devin

Sometimes overlooked in renovations, the backsplash is a key detail in kitchen décor. When properly matched with cabinets, countertops, and accessories, it sets the tone and mood of the central room of the home. The backsplash is practical for quickly cleaning splatters and spills around the hood, sink, and prep areas. It is also much more durable than paint, keeping the environment clean every day. The kitchen layout and current trends can significantly influence the choice of backsplash – a designer’s advice on backsplashes is always a good idea.

Here are the most popular styles we see here at Cuisines Verdun.

Vintage ceramic

Accompanied by a wooden cabinet for a rustic look, a gold faucet for a vintage look, or a huge sink for a country feel, ceramic tile is affordable and can blend in with various kitchen decors when paired with different grout colours.

Irregular patterns

Hexagonal, octagonal, or round, irregularly patterned tiles feature abstract prints for classic and modern styles and are usually combined with sleek cabinetry. Suggest something out of the ordinary with diamond or arabesque shapes. Opt for extra-large tiles in soft colours such as blue-grey matte, old pink, or pink beige, which give a calm look that goes with the current kitchen trends. A tone-on-tone backsplash also avoids the need for a flashy element while unifying the style of the room.

Imitation wood 

The presence of wood in the kitchen brings warmth and well-being. Also used for cabinets or countertops, wood has a place of choice in any trendy décor of the last few years. Therefore, the imitation wood backsplash is a must for a zen or contemporary kitchen, thanks to its warm, raw color.

Countertop backsplash

One of the big trends of the moment is the continuation of the countertop at full height on the wall. This avoids adding a new material to the kitchen to give a clean look and an exquisite, luxurious feel. Whether it is a quartz, dekton, or granite countertop, it is possible to make a backsplash version. The effect behind a decorative hood, for example, can be very striking.

Clear glass

A modern and trendy material, clear glass allows you to achieve an impressive effect thanks to its transparent facets that quickly disperse the light under the cabinets. There are many options in glass, leaving the customer to choose the one that best suits the style of their kitchen, the type of cabinets, and the window layout for optimal lighting. Tinted or untinted, the glass can be patterned on the bottom of each tile for a textured and original look.

Subway Tile

Originating from the New York subways, this style remains very popular for new kitchen backsplashes. However, the original 3″ x 6″ format is beginning to be exhausted. Tiles are now 3″ x 9″ or 2″ x 8″, and their positioning is also taking a new turn. Instead of a half and half arrangement, we opt for ⅔ – ⅓ or even a chevron pattern, to give movement to the room. We play with tones, textures, and finishes. We mix matte and gloss, add a contrasting grout colour, or perhaps tiles with a raised outline.

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