2023 Colour of the Year


BeautiTone, the number one Canadian-made and owned retail paint brand, reveals its 2023 Colour of the Year, ‘Moments‘ (CL24-4) – a calming, shaded blue with an influence of green that brings a fresh perspective to modern interiors and acts as a canvas for the moments ahead.

“‘Moments’ is reflective of Canadians’ continued desire for stability and comfort as we focus on moving forward in our daily lives,” said Darryl Allen, Creative Manager, BeautiTone Paint and Home Products. “Evoking feelings that are nostalgic and hopeful, this reliable hue brings a renewed appreciation for our ability to create lasting, meaningful moments in spite of adversity.”

New for 2023, ‘Moments’ is at the centre of two thoughtfully curated 2023 Colour Trends palettes motivated by nature and wellbeing. The two palettes emit different energies as Canadians create memories in their unique ways. Through 11 inviting colours, both palettes simultaneously capture nuances of reflection and transformation while providing Canadians with two distinctly different ways to design the perfect space for their life’s moments.

“As we developed our trend colours this year, we felt it was important to present two energies, thus two palettes,” said BeautiTone’s Creative Manager, Darryl Allen. “Knowing that we’re all moving forward, we won’t necessarily be moving at the same pace. These palettes give homeowners an opportunity to reflect on where they are at in their journey and what kind of space they want to create to reflect that.”

The first trend palette is built around comfort, prompting Canadians to experience a moment of harmony and healing. Whether it is used in a bedroom or living room, this mix of soft neutrals creates a peaceful palette that encourages reflection and optimism. The second is a spirited palette of vivid colours, inspiring exploration and transformation. These deep, bold shades encourage Canadians to experience moments with expression and movement. They can make a statement in an entryway or inspire a music room.

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