2022 WoodTALKS

BC Wood

BC Wood will be hosting the 19th Annual Global Buyer’s Mission (GBM), September 8-10, featuring WoodTALKS, designed to enlighten, inform and inspire on the use of wood in design and construction. This accredited live event, presented by BC’s wood industry suppliers and partners, will explore current Architectural projects and Manufacturing Advancements in such sessions as:

Creating the Dream Team for Outstanding Projects:

Builders and designers in custom residential and commercial construction share the same objective – to ensure their clients’ needs are met. In this session, multi-award-winning Isabey Interiors will discuss the overall collaborative process of creating the dream team (design-architect-manufacturer-builder) to make it an enjoyable process for both the client and the project partners. 

A case study will demonstrate how the team completes a recent custom-home construction and renovation using a design-build process to save time and costs effectively. The team creates highly detailed renderings of the project using software such as AutoCAD, so any necessary changes can be made to the project that suits the client before it’s too late or costly. An example of collaboration with manufacturing partner Norelco is on cabinetry design. The in-house millwork designer creates the renderings and design. Once the design is finalized, Norelco puts the cabinets into production. The result is a custom, cutting-edge kitchen design.

Authentically Beautiful Timber Projects in Residential and Commercial Applications

From design to creating authentically beautiful timber structures for luxury residential projects, Architects are collaborating more with advanced timber frame manufacturers in British Columbia. How timber looks is critical for homeowners, and its durability is essential for contractors. In this session, participants will discover how steel integration is becoming a common approach to provide durability on all large-scale residential projects for BC manufacturer Daizen Joinery. Structural integrity is paramount to their work, and there are times when timber frames require reinforced strength through steel or engineered wood. Through featured projects, participants will also discover distinctive techniques inspired by Daizen’s traditional Japanese craft, delivered through precision technology and handcrafting of wood.

Integration of Mass Timber and Heavy Timber

The Tsawwassen First Nation Youth Centre building stands out for its commitment to the embodied carbon in our built environment. Its widespread use of wood and its projected low operating energy demand may make the building carbon negative for a decade or more. Located on treaty lands south of Vancouver, the waterfront site is part of a unique cultural and ecological area, the meeting place of cultures and ecologies. While the TFN Youth Centre incorporates the latest advances in wood construction (including mass timber), its design and finishing are culturally guided. Artwork at the entry and throughout the structure reflects the long history of the Tsawwassen First Nation People. This complex hybrid structure demonstrates the close collaboration between Mackin architects Ltd., Tsawwassen First Nation, Durfeld Log and Timber, and other local suppliers to provide the handcrafted Western Red Cedar Post and beam frame for the project, as well as coordination of the prefabricated steel and mass timber components.

Expansion Site Tour of BC Passive House

Join us by charter bus for a scenic drive from Whistler to Pemberton to tour BC Passive House (BCPH) – a full-service prefabrication company specializing in the design and construction of high-performance panelized building systems, specialized structural panels (including CLT, DLT, and NLT), heavy timber packages and a range of hybrid systems. Their recent expansion has added 22,000 sq/ft, reaching a total facility size of 38,000 sq/ft. This site tour will allow specifiers to see highly automated tools used to facilitate buildings’ fast and efficient production. This includes BCPH’s Hundegger K2i CNC machine, which is fully linked to the companies in-house drafting software. This machine promotes cutting accuracy and offers new features that speed up light frame panelization and heavy timber carpentry.

Designing and Specifying Wood Products and Systems from BC’s Value Added Wood Industry

The future of the building industry is wood. Building Codes and High-Performance Standards in the US and Canada are quickly adapting to encourage more use of wood innovation in structural and architectural design. Discover the latest design and construction opportunities of wood products and high-performance prefabricated wood building systems – including the latest Mass Timber, Timber Frame, Engineered Wood, and Re-Manufactured Wood technologies. Wood can offer performance and thermal benefits, adding to energy efficiency and occupant comfort while at the same time offering aesthetic warmth and a visual selling feature. Also, wood can store the carbon dioxide trees absorb during their growth, keeping it out of the atmosphere indefinitely.

BC Wood is a not-for-profit trade association representing British Columbia’s value-added wood products industry for 30 years. It is an industry-led association with a membership base of 120+ wood product manufacturers, representing value-added sectors in every province. In this course, BC Wood is pleased to offer architects and specifiers a series of four 30-minute seminars, each by teams of experts in their respective fields, showcasing the newest innovations and trends in architectural and structural wood products and systems.

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