2022 Kitchen Style Trends

Shahan Fancy

Happy new year! We’re kicking off 2022 with a look at what we can expect to see in the coming year regarding kitchen design. Did you read December’s article on colour trends? If not, you can check it out here.

Decorative hood fans

Decorative hood fans continue to dominate as homeowners declared a few years ago that the over-the-range microwave, although convenient, was not the kitchen centrepiece that defined them. Even the freestanding canopy hood fan appliance crept onto the kitchen design trends to avoid watch list back in late 2019 for some buyers.

Right now, custom or semi-custom modern-styled wood hoods are hot. One observation is that they are often two-toned, especially in Canada. They are typically done with embellishments of stained wood, MDF, or even wood alternatives such as Laminate or Melamine.

Floating shelves

This trend may be better noted as wanting to display decorative items in the home, but you need floating shelves to do that. The typical Zoom or video chat background is really driving this trend, heavily inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have watched any news broadcasts since the pandemic started, you’ll almost always find a standard background with open shelves with books, a lamp, picture frames, art, plants, and a few vintage items. People want to highlight their personal style, and kitchens are no different from an expressional space. Open and floating shelves allow homeowners to display sentimental items or have quick and easy access to high-use items.

Corner floating shelves are gaining popularity in the kitchen, a space typically reserved for a wall corner cabinet, where our kitchen design experts say unused items go to die. Trend experts feel that floating shelves in kitchens and bars will continue to grow in popularity for 2022 and beyond; it is not slowing down.

Taller wall cabinets

Go big or go home will be the motto for upper wall cabinets for 2022. Tall or stacked upper cabinets that cover the entire wall are what most homeowners want today for their dream home. Depending on the ceiling height and budget, this can be achieved in several ways, whether with one tall wall cabinet or stacking two. This grand or filled-in look has almost become a standard kitchen design element for most who are building or remodelling their forever homes.


Knobs on cabinets fizzled out in popularity a few years ago; however, some of our trend experts have noticed that knobs are starting to resurface, as homeowners and designers select them for cabinet doors while maintaining handles on the drawers. You’ll see more of this mixed look in 2022.

Quality prevails

The COVID-19 global pandemic exposed deeper thinking on how people view and use their homes. Many people now work from home and see their spaces differently than once before. There have also been shifts towards multigenerational living, so improved space utilization has been top of mind for many homeowners.

That said, with more time spent at home, our kitchen design experts have noticed that people are willing to invest in higher quality items that will last rather than selecting items that may need to be replaced sooner. People are eager to invest in higher quality materials and products that surpass normal wear and tear usage. While this is more of a behavioural or buying trend, it is an important one to note. 


Trendspotting for the kitchen and bath industry has had its challenges with the lack of trade shows due to the pandemic. In February 2022, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show will be held in Orlando, Florida, the premier kitchen & bath design event, a major show for showcasing new and currently trending items. That said, the Superior Cabinets trend experts will have a mid-year update for you, so stay tuned.

Shahan Fancy is the Director of Marketing at Superior Cabinets.

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