10 Marketing Objectives To Start Your Strategic Planning 

Julie St-Arnaud

When companies look for help with marketing, they often want a way to optimize their effectiveness at different levels. They face specific issues such as lack of time, expertise, and staffing to develop their sales and marketing. They want concrete ways to achieve the business objectives of their strategic planning.

Here are some examples of targeted marketing goals that entrepreneurs can consider:

  1. Increase overall or customer sales.
  2. Ranking high on search engines (SEO).
  3. Participate in trade shows to develop a new market.
  4. Publicise a new product or service.
  5. Implement strategic marketing planning.
  6. Establish a way to evaluate, measure, and monitor its actions (with relevant performance indicators).
  7. Build sales tools and pitch and support the team in integrating them.
  8. To be supported in structuring its marketing operations.
  9. Promote your brand image to retain and recruit talent.
  10. Discuss the company’s vision and practices to position itself as an expert in its field.

These goals are the first step in an excellent strategic plan, and to achieve them; they require digital marketing tactics. It may seem daunting, but it can be learned! Many resources exist to help you better understand the issues, the basics, and the impacts of an effective digital shift in your company. There are also experts who can give you a hand, either by taking over your marketing operations directly, scheduling everything with you, or offering on-the-job training.

In sales and marketing, consumer behaviour has entirely changed in recent years. One point to remember is that more than 70% of purchase decisions are already made before a prospect even speaks to a sales representative (compared to 20% 15 years ago). So-called “traditional” marketing and sales techniques no longer respond to the new generation of customers who demand to be informed. This is where the digital shift comes in. The concept is well known in the manufacturing world through process automation. However, it is less used in sales and marketing.

For the next few years, one of the main challenges for companies is to position themselves in the first results on search engines to attract consumers and eventually close sales. They must adapt their methods now; it is a question of survival.

Digital marketing is relatively new and evolving extremely fast. Very few employees and managers know to implement the right working strategies related to digital sales and marketing. A clear direction and a well-structured plan with precise means to reach the objectives are certainly a solid basis to guarantee success in your approach.

Julie St-Arnaud is the founder of Violette Direction Marketing. In her 20 years of experience, Julie has developed solid management expertise, particularly in business development, corporate repositioning, and inbound marketing strategies. In addition, she has worked with several companies in the manufacturing sector, including more than five years with furniture manufacturers, where she spent several years as a sales and marketing manager.

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