1.75 hp Professional Cabinet Saw with 36″ Fence


The patented SawStop safety system (https://www.sawstop.com/product/professional-cabinet-saw-pcs175-tgp236/ )prevents serious injury by stopping the blade within 5 milliseconds of detecting contact with skin. A small electrical signal is applied to the blade which the safety system continually monitors. When skin contacts the blade the signal changes because the human body is conductive. The signal activates the safety system. An aluminium brake springs into the spinning blade stopping it cold: the blade’s angular momentum drives it beneath the table: power to motor is cut off.

The rack and pinion elevation system operates on a vertical slide rather than arc (like most saws). The vertical elevation system ensures exact blade alignment at all elevation levels and blade angles.. A further advantage to the vertical elevation system is the consistent relationship of handle turns to elevation changes. This is something that customers might not notice at first, but it’s something that they’ll really appreciate as they use the saw over time.


SawStop ® Safety System includes :

  • Blade stops and retracts on accidental contact
  • Protection is always on
  • Performs continuous self checks
  • Invisible protection – does not interfere with work
  • Compatible with all standard blades
  • Works on all woods and non-conductive materials
  • Includes bypass switch for cutting metal
  • Left hand tilt table saw
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