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Laminate provides light wood grain finish

Laminate provides light wood grain finish Field Elm laminate from Wilsonart is characterized by straight grain intermingled with subtle cathedrals in an overall light neutral color with a slight contrast. Sheets come in 3 x 8, 4 x 8, 5 x 10 and 5 x 12 ft sizes. Available product includes Chemsurf, a chemically-resistant laminate for … [Read More...]

Drawer edge pulls in rose gold anodized aluminum

The Rose Gold Collection from Doug Mockett & Company is available as part of the Edge Pull series. The 1/16 in. thick pulls project 1-5/8 in. and range from 1-9/16 to 13-25/32 in. lengths for a uniform look in varying sizes. Units can come with both rounded and squared edges — DP211 and DP212, respectively. All rose gold finished items a … [Read More...]


Northern lights-out productivity

When your shop is 33 kilometres northwest of Edmonton down an unpaved side road, a visitor begins to wonder if they have made all of the correct turns along the way. Rest assured on this crisp fall … Read More

Quantum finishing

The cabinet and furniture industries have many finishing specifications that meet a multitude of standards and certification bodies around the world. A recent workshop hosted by Catas, Italy’s t … Read More

Systems, incentives, accountability, productivity

Flying high can be costly when you are logging hours to be certified as a helicopter pilot. That’s what Cory Brightwell, ceo of Woodwork and Pub Interiors in Edmonton, Alta., found out pursuing his d … Read More

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An ounce of prevention

Everyone wants to have a harassment-free workplace, whether you toil on a shop floor or behind a desk. Laws have been written at both the federal and provincial levels of government that deal specifically with workplace safety — mental and physical — which provide both protection for employees and spell out the responsibility of employers. Laws are also re-written, meaning that what applied to your workplace yesterday might not apply today — so everyone has keep on their toes or risk being lef … Read More

Wood Industry 2016 reader survey

One of our greatest concerns as a trade magazine is that we don’t want to wear out our welcome. That is, we know you are being hammered from every angle, on so-called social media, with ads disguised as editorial and with magazines that purport to be reader-focused when, in fact, they don’t meet the standard definition of a magazine: they are catalogues. Each November, we do our annual survey of our readers, and, as noted above, we are concerned that you are being surveyed to death. I know for … Read More

Software start-ups provide logistics options

Cabinet and furniture manufacturers all want their products and components delivered or received a timely manner. Addressing these challenges nowadays are a complex web of supply chain logistics services being driven by start-up companies using internet-based software to find the best supply chain alternatives. The annual Logistics Trend Radar report from the DHL Logistics unit of Trolsdorf, Germany-based Deutsche Post DHL Group states, “Recent years have witnessed start-ups that have managed … Read More

New BBB guidelines on native advertising

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of the United States and Canada was founded in 1912 on a foundation of truth in advertising. A century later, BBB is updating its mandate and has issued guidelines to advertisers that call for clear labeling when the design, style and functionality of commercial messages mimic editorial content. The addition to the BBB Code of Advertising brings it in line to Canada’s Competition Bureau and U.S. Federal Trade Commission regulations. The new rules impact a … Read More