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Cut pattern optimization software

BlueCell Version 1.1 cut pattern optimization software from Eurosoft has a number of features to increase shop productivity. These include a drag and drop pattern editor, grain formations function to keep multiple parts (drawer fronts, doors) together in the optimization process, “continuous production” with hierarchical priorities for parts, and … [Read More...]

UV-cured powder coated MDF wood components

DVUV supplies UV-cured powder coated MDF wood components for a variety of industries including retail store fixtures and displays, healthcare, hospitality, education and office furniture, and architectural elements. The DVUV product and process emits no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or HAPs (hazardous air pollutants), is solvent free and … [Read More...]


Mission, vision and principles

The executive office is at the back of the showroom of Clareville Distinctive Kitchens and Baths, in Brampton, Ont. The door is wide open, revealing a framed set of blueprints for a classic … Read More

Old World meets new

The greeting couldn’t be warmer this sunny summer day. A bearded bear of a Russian welcomes me to the showroom of Barlow Cabinetworks in south Barrie, Ont., and the conversation flows. With a t … Read More

Sweet 16: Just In Time

Finding this particular wood shop and furniture store was challenging, even with an iPhone GPS. The journey also came with the lingering fear that my compact SUV was about to run out of gas after … Read More

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Hardwood teases design

Whether solid woods or veneers, the look and feel of well-chosen hardwood species make a statement. So for designers and manufacturers, picking the right raw product for the fickle consumer market involves some tough decisions. Public tastes remain cyclical, oscillating between darks and lights, between contemporary and classic looks. But for manufacturers, the cost of wood is also cyclical, with maple in plentiful, cheap supply one year and birch or oak the next. Design tastes can be … Read More

Training simulators tackle wood

Training simulators are famous for teaching pilots the ropes before putting them into a multi-million-dollar cockpit and potentially endangering lives. The simulation environment that is often referred to as virtual reality (VR). It was natural that aerospace, with its deep R&D pockets, was one of the first sectors to adopt the expensive equipment. Today, with advancements in computing and visualization technology, VR simulators have gradually come to be developed for teaching … Read More

Advertising: finding value and trust

Many wood shops hum along just nicely on word-of-mouth, and wouldn’t know what to do if more business came in the door. However, there are more shops with business peaks and valleys that would rather smooth them out. Or better yet, they would like to take a step beyond survival and move on to sustained growth. Creating your own marketing plan to spark growth is a daunting task, with many elements needing attention in the so-called “mix:” advertising in print, digital advertising, elect … Read More

Labour challenge: Recruiting the right fit

Everybody wants a skilled, conscientious worker in the shop, whether the operation requires two, 10 or more on the floor. Wood shop managers across Canada all say the same thing — it’s tough to fill positions. Enns Cabinetry in St. Catharines, Ont., is no exception. Co-owner Bev Enns says the residential cabinet and millwork manufacturing and design company has been hiring and interviewing for positions in both its shop and software drawings department. Of the 15 employees, 10 are in the … Read More